About Us

Mission statement:

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website for your cleaning services in residential and commercial facilities. We at Eppsolutely clean maintenance and detailing services LLC is striving to change and improve the cleaning experience services at the highest quality.

With several years of experience both in Residential and Commercial Cleaning, Eppsolutely Clean Maintenance and Detailing Services LLC is who you need to take care of your home and business. We handle everything from the initial consultation to making sure your property looks perfect every single time. We will always treat your home and business as we would treat our own, and you will be surprised how simple and easy our team will make the whole process seem. We are the highest quality professional cleaning service in the Bronx, New York. We offer free virtual walk thru for residential locations and free commercial walk thru.

Eppsolutely cleans primary offering is professional cleaning service for residential customers throughout the tri-state area. Multiple services include standard/deep cleaning, decluttering, and organizing, kitchen/bathroom cleaning, office cleaning, interior windows cleaning, commercial/residential cleaning, and vacuuming/floor cleaning and more.

Safely is something that we take very seriously and follow all procedures and protocol. We acknowledge that it’s extremely important our clients know we use the proper safety guidelines, while ensuring the quality of delivery outstanding service.

Through intense continued commitment to our employees, we are dedicated to the success of our client’s needs. The mindset of having focus, loyal, smart, employees is an excellent quality for customer’s services. Consistency and compassion acknowledge those who serve in our organization, demonstrate a level of courtesy, compassion and respect for their families, team members and others. We know that teamwork makes a big difference in achieving the best outcome for superb cleaning service. While serving the tri-state area our team is highly skilled and professionals following the best practices and finest cleaning methods. In addition to using the best equipment and most modern technologies.  Competitive advantages include a near-flawless level of professional cleaning tailored around the unique needs of the customer, assertive yet thoughtful customer service that is immediate and consistent, the latest equipment, diligent marketing, and integrity driven approach. Quality assurance is taken seriously to ensure the best level of professionalism and focus to over deliver.

Eppsolutely clean is absolutely the best cleaning service around and we embody the great attitude and outstanding work ethic that’s needed to succeed. Give our team a call today for your next cleaning request. Offering weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and seasonally recurring services to fit your needs. We’re looking forward to working with you! In addition, Eppsolutely clean also, providing move in and move out cleaning services throughout the tri-state area, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey. Let’s shine together and brighten the world.